I am an amateur baker who started pursuing baking thanks to some long-held Christmas traditions and a lot of homesickness a few years back. It’s grown from there, with many family members, friends, and students being used as guinea pigs. Now during the summer, when most of my music students are on break, I get to wear my apron much more often and play in my kitchen.

I will be giving you a look behind the scenes as I bake for this summer’s farmers markets (in partnership with Just A Little Something), and various other occasions throughout the rest of the year, giving some insights into my methods and misadventures, and providing the odd tutorial (or more likely linking you to the tutorials that saved me from disaster). I do take orders, for pick-up either at my home in Brookswood, Langley, BC, or at the markets (our schedule can be viewed via the menu) only – I do not make deliveries at this time. More information regarding orders can be viewed here. 

I love baking for so many reasons, but three in particular stand above the rest. First, it lets me share some love with those in my life; it’s a way to fill someone up and bring them a little joy. Second, it lets me explore my creativity in a way that academics have not (although I still love, love, love being a student). And third, it keeps me connected to some of the best memories, the best times, the best people in my life. Baking brings us together and puts smiles on faces. Ideally ;o) As long as I remember to…

How long has that been in the oven?